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What is difference between a male cross-dresser and a man wanting to be a woman?

What is difference between a male cross-dresser and a man wanting to be a woman?

  By -- Mar 16, 2022

I have never met a genetic male who has gone on to transition to the female gender role that did not have at least one or two experiences crossdressing with many doing it daily. However, it does not mean that every genetic male that cross dresses will go on to transition. Keep in mind that cross dressing is a temporary way for a genetic male to experience what feels llike femaleness. For some genetic males that short period of experiencing the feminine complements their sense of being male. Some crossdressers may make some minor modifications to their body to enhance their feminine appearance when dressed such as beard and body hair removal but they have no difficulty holding on to their core sense of being male.

Genetic males who eventually go on to transition permanently to the female gender role (transsexuals) on the other hand, cross dress to ease gender expression deprivation. Dressing is serious business for these individuals. It is only during these cross dressing periods that they can find a sense of wholeness. Unlike the cross dresser described above, transsexuals have little or no love for their alienated sense of masculinity and they are more than willing to give up its influence on their lives via taking cross-sex hormones and major surgery.

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