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This web site addresses issues regarding gender dysphoria, crossdressing, transsexualism, transgenderism, cross sex hormones, sex reassignment surgery (SRS), the WPATH Standards of Care (SOC v7 & 8) and gender variant issues in general. Female-to-Male (FTM) and Male-to-Female (MTF) issues are covered.

The section entitled Practicum contains specific information to facilitate gender role transition. The section called "A Significant Other View" is written by the wife of a crossdresser.The Essays are fully referenced papers on gender identity issues. Guest Speaker includes writings from invited guests. T Notes serves as an informal forum regarding issues of current interest in my private practice. I hope to make monthly contributions to the T Notes; the other sections will be added to less frequently.

The observations listed and opinions expressed herein are derived primarily from my work with clients presenting with gender related issues. Additional information was and continues to be derived in consultation with colleagues, endocrinologists, and surgeons who specialize in treating Gender Dysphoria. The period of observation is from 1978 to the present. The accent of this web site will be on gender role transition.


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