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What do the guidelines state?

What do the guidelines state?

  By -- Mar 16, 2022

With regards to hormonal therapy, the WPATH guidelines set three criteria. Firstly, patients should be of legal age of medical maturity. This can range from 16 in most European counties to 18 here in the USA. Secondly, they should be aware of the effects and risks of taking the drugs. And thirdly, they should have documented proof that they were living in their desired gender role for at least three months or have undergone a period of psychotherapy sufficiently long enough for the gender specialist and the client to determine the time is right to make the referral. With regards to surgery, there are six eligibility criteria, the most important of which are that the patient should be a legal adult; have had 12 months of continuous hormone therapy; and have lived in their desired gender role for a year - a period known as the real life experience (RLE). There are also two readiness criteria. Patients should demonstrate that they are consolidating their gender identity, and enjoy better mental health as a result of dealing effectively with work, their family and relationships. Letters of Referral from two licensed mental health providers to the surgeon are required to check that patients meet these criteria.

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