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What does hormone therapy involve?

What does hormone therapy involve?

  By -- Mar 16, 2022

Male-to-female patients treated with estrogens can expect to experience: breast growth, some female-like redistribution of body fat, softening of the skin; a decrease in body hair, decreased upper body strength, decreased fertility and testicular size, less firm and harder to achieve erections. More importantly, most individuals report a relief from their gender dysphoria and a feeling of well-being.

Female-to-male patients treated with testosterone also report a relief from their gender dysphoria and a feeling of well-being. They can expect the following permanent changes: a deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, appearance of facial and body hair, and depending on their age the possibility of male pattern baldness. Reversible changes include: stopping of menses, weight gain, increased upper body strength, increased libido, decreased hip fat, courser, oily textured skin and mild acne at least at first.

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