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What is the differences between Sex and Gender?

What is the differences between Sex and Gender?

  By -- Mar 29, 2022

Historically, the words sex and gender have been used interchangeably in the English language. However, in recent times as the phenomenology of transgenderism reaches beyond a medical issue and gains more traction as a social issue as well, it is becoming increasingly clear that sex and gender are two distinct aspects of being human. Here, I will attempt to expand on the current thinking about sex vs gender. One's sex is a physiological term being used to connate the shape and function of one's genitalia. Typically each of us is assigned as male or female at birth
This is done immediately based on visual examination alone. With the exception of children born with ambiguous genitalia, (intersexuals) it is usually a straight forward determination. One's sex then becomes both a prescription for how the child should be raised as well as a core marker for future identity purposes.
Gender on the other hand is a brain centered identification marker determined by the number of androgen/estrogen receptors in the brain. These receptors and their ability to accept hormones produced by the body, ultimately becomes responsible for influencing behavior that is either masculine, feminine or androgynous. We are now certain that one's sense of gender identity is apparently fixed and unchangeable.

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