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Do you think society is becoming more accepting of transgender?

Yes. That is apparent in several different ways. For example, only twenty years ago, in most cities in America, it was illegal for a man to crossdress in public. Now even the California DMV has a form that allows an individual to change, with a doctor's approval, not only their name but their gender identity on their driver's license. From there it is only a simple step to change all other forms of ID and go on with life.

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What should the society know and understand of the transgender community? What is something most people do not know about them?

First of all society must come to understand that gender identity is not simply binary. Because one's gender identity and sex form at different times while the child is still in the womb and that process is subject to potential problems, there is a very real chance that the process could be upset, leaving the child gender variant. This happens often enough for there to be, in reality, a gender spectrum. Transgendered people are born gender variant and as such are simply trying to find a space in life to exist comfortably. Also it is important not to confuse gender issues with homosexuality. Even though we hear the term LGBT used, it is a marriage of political convenience, not a biological one.

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