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A Meditative Approach to Gender Dysphoria

A Meditative Approach to Gender Dysphoria

By Auther One -- Jan 18, 2022

The term "gender dysphoria" probably means something different to almost everyone who experiences at least some level of discomfort with the gender to which they were identified at birth. For some individuals on the less intense end of the gender disturbance spectrum, there may simply be an undercurrent, a discomfort, a vague longing or an infatuation with a different gender expression. Yet for others situated toward the other end of the gender scale, the phrase "gender dysphoria� may actually sound much too tame. It may be that this latter group experiences gender discord as extremely intense and disturbing feelings, perhaps bordering on an overwhelming and growing desire to change their sex or an extreme preoccupation with their thoughts and feelings to the extent that they interfere with almost all aspects of their lives. If a gender transition is not in the cards for you or if you would simply like to keep your disturbing preoccupation with gender at bay most of the time and be more at choice about it and not so much at the effect of it, a meditative approach to gender dysphoria may be right for you.

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