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On Life and Death

By Pearl Posted on Mar 28, 2022

On Life and Death
By Pearl
Editor's Note: A copy of this letter recently came to my attention. I want to thank Pearl for granting me permission to repint it here.

Pearl writes:
I wrote this letter to a girl who was asking for advice on which of several options to take in her life. She had listed suicide as a viable option. She later told me that the letter had convinced her to hang in there a little longer.

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996

Kathy, I've delayed a bit in responding to your note because it was hitting a bit close to home.

I, too, (as have most of us) spent way too...

FTM 101 -- The Invisible Transsexuals

By Shadow Morton, Yosenio Lewis, Aaron Hans- Posted on Mar 28, 2022

FTM 101 -- The Invisible Transsexuals


by: Shadow Morton, Yosenio Lewis, Aaron Hans--James Green, Editor

Ed Note: For more up to date information regarding FTM International's current acitvites please go to the Female-to-Male International website. Click here. (November 29, 2011)

Revised September, 1997, Contact information updated Nov. 29, 2011

This paper provides an overview of FTM experienc...

When The Boss Under Goes a Gender Role Transitions

By Janet Jones Posted on Mar 28, 2022

When The Boss Under Goes a Gender Role Transitions


By Janet Jones
March 14, 1999

Editor's Note: The real name of the author and the company she headed have been changed at the request of the author. The author has suggested that I refer to her as Janet Jones and the company she owned and ran as Smith Company. Smith Co. had 65 employees at the time she transitioned from male-to-female. In the months before announcing her transition, she appointed her long-time second-in-command to replace her as Chief Executive, so she could take a less active role but still remain involved. When she was ready to "come out" to one and all and formally cha...

Why Don't You Tell Them I'm a Boy?

By Florence Dillon Posted on Mar 28, 2022

Why Don't You Tell Them I'm a Boy?
by Florence Dillon

Editor's note: This piece originally appeared in TRANS FORMING FAMILIES: REAL STORIES ABOUT TRANSGENDERED LOVED ONES, by Mary Boenke (if you're interested in obtaining a copy of the book, contact Mary Boenke at MaryBoenke@aol.com). Ms. Dillon (florencedillon@juno.com) also is interested in comments and inquiries from readers.

Setting my daughter free meant more than I'd imagined. My husband, James, and I have two sons. Alex, who just turned fourteen, is a classical musician and computer whiz. Steve just turned eleven. His life revolves around rocketry, soccer, and improvising stand-up comedy rou...

Second Opinion

By Rachael Posted on Mar 28, 2022

Why I Didn't Get a Second Opinion

by Rachael

August 3, 2000
Why didn't I seek a second opinion or a third? How could I undertake a (gasp!) sex change without consulting legions of therapists? These are the sorts of questions I seem to get on this obviously sensitive subject. Most of them are hurled by non-accepting family members. It is as if there is some desire on their part to have me see shrinks until I find one that says 'Nope, you are not a transsexual, no way, no how.' Why didn't I do this? Why don't I do it now? I would have thought that concerned family members would have done enough research in the medical science and social literatur...

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