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#1.Transsexualism: An Expanded Definition

  By by Anne Vitale PhD -- Mar 20, 2022

Notes on Gender Role Transition        

by Anne Vitale PhD

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T NOTE #12

Transsexualism: An Expanded Definition

Jan 27, 2006

Although it is a complex phenomenon, transsexualism --and what it means to be a transsexual-- is generally defined in the mainstream...
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#2.​Treatment Plan

  By By Anne Vitale Ph.D. -- Mar 24, 2022

Notes on Gender Role Transition
By Anne Vitale Ph.D.

Gender Dysphoria Treatment Plan

Updated on 6/26/2016


Triadic Treatment Sequence

Stage I: Establish a therapeutic relationship, evaluation, diagnosis, education and psychotherapy as required.

Stage II: If applicable, referral to Physician for Hormone Replacement therapy. Also used for confirmation or rejection of GD diagnosis. Continue individual psychotherapy as required.

Stage III: Monitor gender role transition, serve as an authoritative intermediary in matters pertaining to work and family. If applicable, make referral for Gender Reassignment Surgery after a minimum of 1 year of living full time in the preferred gender r...
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#3.Resources for Friends and Families

  By By Anne Vitale Ph.D. -- Mar 12, 2023

Notes on Gender Role Transition
By Anne Vitale Ph.D.

Resources for Friends, Famalies and Student Scholarships
Here is a list of resources for parents who are transgendered, parents of transgendered persons, and children of transgendered persons.


My Trans Parent Paperback - Bryant, Heather - Amazon.com Read More..


#4.Annette's Letter to ABC

  By Anne Vitale Ph.D. Editor -- Mar 25, 2022

Notes on Gender Role Transition
Anne Vitale Ph.D. Editor

Annette's Letter to ABC
Editor's Note:

Annette T. was disturbed by comments made on a television show called "The View." The show is a production of the American Broadcasting Company airing each weekday morning. It is a talk show about women's issues hosted by women. She decided to respond to what she felt was their insensitivity and ignorance regarding transgender issues. I include her letter here as an excellent example of how people can stand up for their rights to be respected as individuals. Of course, Annette signed her fu...
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#5.Chest Surgery 101

  By By Anne Vitale PhD -- Mar 25, 2022

Chest Surgery 101:
Notes From Seminar Held in San Francisco in November 1998
Presenters: Russell Hilkene, Judd Bell, and Dillon McClintock
By Anne Vitale PhD


Addresses updated August, 2013

This is a portion of a set of notes that were taken by Kim Hraca, MFCC while attending the above mentioned seminar. She has graciously allowed me to share them with you. The remainder of the notes will follow when she makes them available to me.

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