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How long do most individuals stay on hormones?

All their lives. MTFs start by taking large doses of estrogens to counter act the continued attempt by the testicles to produce androgens. Once SRS or an orchiectomy is performed the dosage can be reduced drastically. Essentially post-op genetic males have the equivalent endocrinological system of a post-menopause genetic female. Staying on a low dose of estrogens has the same benefits for post-op MTFs as it does for post-menopausal genetic women.

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Is it true that those that take hormone therapy also find that their hands and feet shrink in size and if so by how much?

Hormones have no appreciable effect on the size of feet or hands. Both the hands and feet may eventually look a bit more feminine but the size will not change.

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From a 50 year old married man who asked if going on Estrogen for 30 days would help.

We know that to be true because estrogen (which is something of an antidepressant itself), even in moderate doses, routinely resolves both the dysphoria and the depression while SSRIs alone do not. I know this answer leads to further concerns but that is an issue that needs to be addressed in person between you and a therapist.

Given your life long gender dysphoria, there is good reason to believe that estrogen would probably relieve your depression and anxiety by relieving your gender dysphoria. That brings us to the "further concerns" I mentioned. As you know, estrogen is a feminizing agent. Once people with issues such as yours start to take estrogen, typically they find that it is very hard to stop taking it. Not only does it give them a feeling of well being, they soon learn that if they stop taking it, even for a few days, the depression and anxiety return. A 30 day trial, even on a low dose, would probably yield the same result. Permanent relief will only come with the constant intake of estrogen. That, of course, would lead to more and more feminization of your mind and body. You and your family would have to learn to live with that.

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