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What is the difference between someone who identifies as "transgender" and someone who identifies as "transsexual"?

The term "transgender" was coined by Dr. Virginia Prince in the mid 1970's to differentiate those individuals who wanted to live in the opposite gender role without surgery from those trans individuals who believed that they needed SRS to feel whole. Those individuals who wish or have had sex reassignment surgery were then and still are referred to as transsexuals. However, over the years the term "Transgender" has been modified through popular usage to be an umbrella term covering individuals who have some propensity to spend at least some time expressing themselves in the gender role opposite of that to which they have been assigned.

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Is the term "transsexual" politically correct, why or why not? And when did this change take place?

Although this may not be a universal response, I have noticed that the term "transsexual" is not only found acceptable it is the preferred term to be used in referring to individuals who use hormonal and surgical means to permanently alter their appearance to match their internal sense of gender. Most transsexuals are very binary in their thinking and feel that taking transition to its full hormonal and surgical extreme differentiates them from the more watered down term "transgender".

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